14-Day Challenge Poll

This is a brief description of the 14-day challenge that is starting soon. Even if you are not interested please answer the first question.

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One of the main tenets of becoming a man is realizing that Life is Hard & There is Suffering.

It has been documented and proven that suffering causes our brain chemistry to change. Simply put; When life takes us down the dark alley and mugs us, leaving us bleeding (metaphorically) we suffer and we either get bitter or better.

What if there is a choice we can make that will improve our lives and cause us not be become bitter but better? Even when life drags us into an alley.

This is what the 14-day challenge is about, to explore the possibilities of a path so when we do suffer not of our choosing we don’t become bitter.

Your first step in this journey is to answer the poll below – even if you are not interested, all you need to do is answer the first question.

I have found that the time commitment for this is about 20 minutes, twice a day.

I hope you will consider the 2-week commitment – it is one that change your life.

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