Who and What Is Broken Brothers?

Most men struggle with Male Spirituality and Masculinity. At Broken Brothers, we provide a safe place that can open doors to transformation for healthy relationships and a path from merely existing to authentic living.


What Don’t You See?
Where Are You Going?
Who Is Going With You?

I remember once being asked, “What do others see in me that I don’t see in myself?” My answer was, find someone who will tell you the truth about your blind spots and what you don’t see in yourself.

I have met men who have never had a community that told them the truth. These men seem to live very lonely lives, striving for their next empty accomplishment, never seeing themselves as contributing, and being lost in their blind spot, not seeing damaging patterns repeating in their lives.

At Broken Brothers, you will have the opportunity to begin the journey of moving from a “survival dance” to a “sacred dance.” From a place where you are working at the job to “put the beans on the table” with no fulfillment or calling to embracing who you are and begin to understand what motivates you, and what your passions and purpose are in life. Make a choice – Get Involved.

Get Started

Getting started is the hardest thing you will do. Fear of the unknown can stop you. All you need to do is click on the “Get Involved” button below. Remember, you can always leave, but you won’t know what you are missing out on unless you get involved.

Get A Plan

Are you tired of the old patterns always showing up, never able to change them? There is a plan for your life. It can be right in front of you, hiding in plain sight. With the insight you will get from this community, you will begin to see the path and put together a plan to help you confront those old destructive patterns and empower you to embrace your purpose and life in new ways.

Get Connected

You cannot change something by using the same energy that created it.

Broken Brothers is here as support to help you connect with a different energy that brings change.

Get Involved

All you need to do is sign up below, this will gives you full access to all the site resources and you will start receiving emails about group meetings and events.


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